How To Prepare For Your Upcoming Service

Please Read Each Topic Concerning The Service You Have Requested In Order To Prepare For Your Upcoming Service. We Can't Wait To Meet You!​

No, although we would love to see you and chat with you, we are able to perform all of our exterior cleaning services without you being present at your home. If you plan to be away from home during the time of service please allow us to have access to all parts of your property that will be requiring cleaning.

  • Please ensure that all of your doors and windows are completely shut.
  • Please ensure that we have access to all parts of your property.
  • Please ensure that we have access to a working water source.
  • Please ensure that all of your pets and children are inside the home.
  • Please remove all of your screens from your windows.
  • Please move any patio furniture that is obstructing access to your windows.

What if it rains on the day of service?
In order for us to keep our schedule intact and promptly serve all of our customers, we do continue to schedule window cleaning jobs even if there is rain on the forecast. We are able to clean windows in light rain but if there is heavy rainfall we will reschedule. Rain typically does not affect freshly cleaned windows but if you happen to see any spots within 2 days please let us know and we will touch up the windows for you for free.

Our window cleaning terms of service:
Regular window cleaning does not include the removal of any of the following:
Glue, paint, artillery fungus, calcium, mineral deposits, or any adhesives.
For any of these situations in particular removal of paint or hard water stains, a tempered glass waiver must be signed.

If you are home during the cleaning payment is due upon completion of our service. You may pay in the form of cash, check, or credit card. If you are not home during the cleaning service then we will email you an invoice with a link to a payment portal which you can then pay with a credit card. Payment is due within three business days of the sent invoice.

All commercial cleaning services are subject to net 30 payment terms. You will be emailed an invoice with a link to a secure payment portal.



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